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Oh, fanfic. Never change.

HAHA OMG I'm reading this fic where the author just claimed that Colorado to Cleveland via plane is eight hours - but they got a cool private jet, so it was cut down to six!

...I may just die of laughter, holy crap.

Anyway, unless I don't have work tomorrow and also get up before the afternoon, I probably won't be on until Saturday afternoon. Me and Julia are doing Mile Hi Sci Fi, and then we're gonna go see 21 (where I shall get my math-geek on and also crack up at Jim Sturgess's attempt at an American accent), and then we're gonna catch up on Torchwood and then kill some fuckin' zombies on my Wii. It's gonna be epic, guys.

(We're also gonna try and catch Funny Games, but it's not really in many theaters.)
Tags: rl, teh intarwebz

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