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Mostly Sims 2, plus some rugby and fanfiction.

...there are currently 666 English fics on FFN with NCIS in the title or summary. This probably shouldn't be quite as amusing as it is to me...

Okay, how weird is this? I'm going to a reunion less than a year after I graduated. Figures that I would graduate in the 24th class of Humanex. They're having the first ever reunion for the 25th anniversary. I thought about it, and realized that Carter's really the only graduate I wanna see again (well, and Jesse, I suppose, but if Jesse's there, so will be Josh, and there's only so much talk of dolphins colonizing the moon one can take before they snap) - oh, and Drika. And Katie, I guess, not that we've exactly kept in touch. But it'll be fun to see the teachers again, and brag about the fact that I've got a job (hey, it's a big thing to me, especially since I've been at it four months!). Plus, free food!

What can I say, I'm easy.

Anyway, I've been attempting yet another Legacy, although it's going slow because of all the expansion stuff I feel the urge to explore - plus, one of the mods I have made it so that the only time I get money from jobs is when there's a promotion, but that's okay, because the house-husband likes to build robots and make potholders in his spare time, and the firstborn maxed his creativity on, like, the second day of childhood. And they're all very nice, not whining about wanting crap.

On a weird note, though, Ymir (I was originally going to make it a Norse mythology legacy, but went with Jossverse alphabet legacy instead), the founder, really doesn't like the second-born son. He was great with the firstborn, and the girl, and even with his husband's alien child, but he really seems to hate Adam. I mean, sure, the kid's not great-looking and is still in the Elvis-style hairdo, but that's no reason to go out of your way to ignore him. I've never had a Sim dislike their own offspring so much, man. It's crazy.

I'll post stuff the second I figure out what order the pictures go in, because damn it's all messed up. 'Course, I'm pretty sure that Andrew's going to be the heir, because he is cute and also skills like a madman - I mean, it's possible that Anya will grow into her ugly, deformed face, but I ain't counting on it. And Adam's pretty much the black sheep of the family (and the alien baby isn't of the legacy bloodline, so he's not eligible - plus, he's reeeeeeeeally ugly). I could try for a forth legacy kid, but I've got six people and a cat, and that's truly enough for me.

...and I just rambled on for, like, three paragraphs about Sims. That's... interesting. See, this is what happens when you wake up early for work, and they call to say you're not needed when you're about to get out of your truck at the park and ride. You sit around campus for three hours until your classes start, and ramble like you wouldn't believe.

I wanna write some fics, but all of my current ones bore me right now, and I'd feel guilty if I started a new one with all these unfinished things floating about. Damn you, brain!

One last note: Forever Strong. It's a rugby movie. No shit! Between this, and Matt Damon as South Africa's captain for the '95 World Cup, rugby's gonna get a lot of attention in the States. Hopefully.
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