Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Movies I Have Seen.

Totally forgot to talk about this past weekend!

War Games with snarky commentary was awesome, although I think I would've liked the movie even by itself, because Matthew Broderick is a hottie (tho Ally Sheedy's character was pretty much a dumbass). But 21 was really, really cool, even if Fisher got shortchanged (okay, look, I gotta love a guy in an argyle sweater-vest; but truly, Choi was the coolest guy evar). Me and Julia have decided that the characters of 21 is what would happen if HXers were actually intelligent. Also, we've decided to learn to count cards, get Corbin to hook us up with fake IDs, corrupt her brother and make him join us, and then go up and take Blackhawk at blackjack. Will any of this happen? Proooobably not, but it's fun to imagine. (We've also decided that her mom will be our third person for World Series of Pop Culture.)

Funny Games, which we saw on Saturday, was... interesting. I liked it, mostly because of the ending, but it was sortof a mindfuck.

Oh, and we decided that Jim Sturgess/Joe Anderson is one of the top OTPs, but not quite surpassing the OTP of David/Griffin. Not quite.
Tags: movies

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