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Grades and Gack

In this edition of “Lee actually updates with something other than quizzes”, I brag about my grades. And despair. More of the despairage than the gloatage, unfortunately.

Well. Am getting a C in Adv Bio, barely. I blame it on the one absence and four tardies, I do. My grade for the final is NOT in there yet, thank the bleeding lord.

Spanish. 100%. No effing way. And yet. I got 250% on the Pesos grade (participation, really) and a 96% on the final. Hell yeah!

114% in World Civ. That won’t last long, I’ve got that for a final next, and we have to do a timeline-deal that I’ll be lucky to get anything right. I know… Two facts. I wonder if some babble about King Arthur and then the Crusades would help, because that’s all I remember (not that we covered it).

I’ve got a D+ in Honors English, but the email my mum gets with the ACTUAL grades says C-, so I’m going with that instead.

97% in BCA. I’m ashamed about that, I’ll tell you.

And a 73% in Algebra II, already beating last quarter’s grade.

Of course, I’ve only had my Adv Bio and Spanish exams, and he hasn’t put in my science one yet. Tada.

And a gack from Dove:
Weiss Kreuz Marriage Quiz by black_rose
User Name
Your HusbandBrad Crawford
Why Does He Love You?You're understandable.
What Kind Of Love Life Does Both Of You Have?Sweet Life.
Childern?Just one. ^^;
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

*drool* Crawford-sama... Of course, the problem is that he's, what, in his thirties? Pah.

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