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I missed three out of fifty on the multiple choice portion of the history midterm. With no studying, and I haven't opened the textbook even once. And I only missed six out of 150 possible points for the short answer, because of two places where I didn't explain fully. Yeah. Nine out of 200 wrong - or, well, since the multiple choice section is multiplied by three, fifteen out of 300. 95% on my history midterm, guyz.

Some credit goes to the fact that this is the period and place of history that I've always been interested in, but quite a bit goes to how awesome this professor is. Seriously. I don't think I've ever gotten this high on anything ever, except in Business Law, and I was more than a bit obsessive in that class (plus, he offered lots of extra credit).

I'm, like, deliriously happy. Because it's nice to be guaranteed one A - I'll probably get a B or C in Geography, and in Honors, and I'll be lucky to scrape a D out of the farce known as Spanish class.

Of course, I'm really gonna have to study for the next AmerHist class, because the time period after 1865? Blaaaaaank like you wouldn't believe. Bits of color, say, where Teddy Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge (my favorite presidents) are concerned, but I can't always remember when they were in history.
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