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Blah blah. BLAH.

Hee, the current coach of the Barbos? Named Dave Hodges. In my mind, CSI!Hodges now plays rugby.

Also, the highest score on the Spanish midterm? 83. And we've now got another professor coming in for half of every class to teach us grammar. So I refuse to be ashamed of my 53! And, like I mentioned before, I shall count myself as awesomely lucky if I pull a D out of that class.

...oh my god, I may be doing another A-B-C-D breakdown of my classes. I totally pulled that before. It's like, a slope based on how much I like the teacher or the subject (I say 'or' because I rather like Spanish; the teacher is just... yeah).

Also, guys, give me a geography paper topic that is interesting and ties in to physical geography. Because all I'm coming up with is cultural geography stuff.
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