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Cough cough I'M COUGHING cough cough.

Ugh, I hate head colds. It would almost be better if I had a full-on, all over cold, because then I'd be so miserable that I just wouldn't care.

But anyway. I created a rec journal - well, comm, but only because I don't feel like logging in and out constantly - c_crecs. There's nothing there yet, because my attention wandered, and because when I go through my current list I'm probably going to re-read all of my recs (except some like A Year Like None Other, which are far too long and also therefore burned into my memory with the white-hot intensity of a thousand burning suns).

I'll probably start updating it during class tomorrow. Because, well, just because.

Oh, and I'm annoyed with Rugby World. Wales gets a Grand Slam in the Six Nations, and their issue right after this event? Wilko's on the cover. Sigh. Ah well. I should go pass out for the next seven hours, really.
Tags: rl, rugby, teh intarwebz

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