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I am made of awesome, guyz.

...I may have just made an argument on the NaNoWriMo teen boards that the destruction of popular culture would lead to worldwide anarchy. Um. If it helps any, I have a cold and am on DayQuil (ignore the fact that I took my last dose five hours ago).

In other news, I've decided to say 'screw it', and am writing my geography paper on something like earthquakes.

Smart People was a pretty damn good movie, mostly because James was hawt, and Chuck was awesome. I went and saw it with Julia, and then we went out on 16th Street and started a shouting match with the 9/11 protesters (including Adam and Lucas from my job). We gathered quite a crowd, and I was unable to take their bitching about the Patriot Act seriously when they hadn't ever heard of the Sedition Acts. I mean, I don't expect the average person off the street to know about them, but research your protests, guys!

Me and Julia, high off of ice cream, then ran to Walgreens and got supplies for a counter-protest. Unfortunately, by the time we were ready and headed back, they had all left because it was getting dark. They are lame protesters, guys. Mega-lame.

We plan to go back in two weeks (next weekend is Starfest, so we can't go then). Our supplies? My phone, playing "Revolution" (originally by the Beatles; my version by Jim Sturgess), and two double-sided signs held on 'sticks' made of duct-taped pencils. The signs read: "Without 9/11, what would we complain about?" (Julia's), "Xenu did it" (Julia's), "They* did it** for teh lulz" (at the bottom it reads *=the government, and **=9/11), and "9/11=.818181". Those last two would be mine.

Next weekend is Starfest! I'm already geeking out, not the least because I'M MEETING ADAM BALDWIN ZOMG.

Anyway, tomorrow is hat day. I need a hat to wear.
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