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Black Mustachio is way cool. Almost makes up for lack of Sacks.

Tony: Acts like me.
Ziva: Cleans.
McGee: Does computer stuff.
McGee: "It's sensitive!"
Tony: "Well, so am I, McZero."
Confetti: I am yayfull.

Fornell: Srs face.
The Big Yes: Is dead.

Tony: "We is evidence."
Abby, to guard: "You are being very guarded about whether we're being guarded."

Fornell: "I am interrogating you, biotch."
Black guy with mustache: *watches*
Flashbacks: Go back to teh lame.
Gibbs: *finally gets with the program*
Fornell: *does fast-talking stuff, which makes me lol, and then flirts with Gibbs which makes me lol moar*
Black guy with mustachio: *is highly suspicious*
Me: "Ooh, mustachio black guy will be new director! Yay!"

Black mustachio: *gives Gibbs money, and totally flirts*
Me: "I now ship Black Mustachio/Gibbs."

McGee: *flashbacks to hacking CIA*
Fornell: *snaps fingers*
Fornell: "Gibbs doesn't get curious, he gets suspicious."
McGee: *splits hairs, and then flashbacks to Tony's, coughprofessionalismcough*

Ziva: "Once in a blue lagoon."
Fornell: *is obsessed with Canada*
The Big Yes: *does not look good*

Ducky: *is awesome, like always*

Gibbs: *manhandles guard*

Black mustachio: *is rather awesome*
Tony: "It IS a rather nice suit."
Me: "...Tony/Mustachio?"

Gibbs: *has srsly old school laptop, like my dad totes has*
Ducky: "I'll have to be charming." Ducky, ilu.

"Any questions?"
"...how do you get the boat out?"
"Just break the bottle."

Tony and Abby left in the evidence locker. LULZ.
"We are about to summon the elusive spirits of the cosmos. Concentrate!"

"Just do what you do best."

Tony: "Hm."

Abby: Is awesome. And babbles on about truck driving.

Abby, ilu.

"The man is magic. Like, dark magic. He has eyes and ears everywhere. He appears like a mist."
"Maybe he bugged your lab."
"No, I checked."
"Does he ever get angry?"
*flashback to smacking Tony*
"No, never. He only uses his powers for good."

Oh, man, this is like trying to get a signal in Humanex.

McGee: *geeks out, until glared at*

"Ziva. Their tires, not their throats." Love.

Abby: *is awesometastic*

Gibbs: I so cool, I so fly, everybody love me.
Jeanne: zomg.

Ducky: *conducts photo autopsy, lulz*

"No, I DIDN'T."
McGee: "..."

Tony: Ah, same old, same old.
Tony: "You want to know a few pick-up secrets, huh?"
Fornell: *is bitchy*

"Why you so interested in my feelings?"
"Because you had them."
Oh, Fornell, you're so flirting.

Oh shiiit, are they trying to blame Tony? Again? Rly?

Fornell: Mentions lying.
Tony: Flips shit.

Tony: "I did wha?"

Me: OMGWTFBBQ You can't get rid of Tony! You just can't! I bet it was Jeanne, that bitch.

Jasper Sheppard: *is dead in the same way as the Big Yes*

MD: I wanna talk!
Fornell: wtfno.
Black mustachio: Sure.

"He killed my father!" lulz.

"Which him? Tony or the dad?" Good question!
Jeanne: *confesses, but totally didn't do it*

Aaah, Trent Court! He amuses me.

"CIA does not assassinate people."
"Not on American soil."

Fornell: I am annoyed.
Gibbs: "That the file?"
Fornell: "Maybe."


"Be the man."
"She accused me of murder!"

Oh, Tony. Pobre Tony. *gives Tony mad hugs*

Black mustachio is too awesome to leave!

"The frog is dead, the jesters are kicked out of the kingdom."

...zomg. Gibbs helped MD cover up that she killed the Big Yes? WHAT. Gawd, I hope all this 'taking law into their own hands' shit comes back to bite them in the ass. Honestly, guys.

NEXT TIME: Tony and the germaphobe go to Iraq? Um what. Though, on that note, I could totally ship Tony/Germaphobe.
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