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Old-skool!Gallowsverse, yay!

Oh, lord. I just found my plans for the first story in my Gallowsverse. And maaaaan, I just... I dunno. First of all, Ryan's name was originally Ryan Lake, and then I changed it to Eric Lake for a while. I don't think I settled on Ryan Galloway until I wrote the second story (which intro'd Adessi).

Other amusing differences:
- Max was named Miguel, because of my crazy Oz love (Ryan's middle name was Alvarez).
- Tina didn't exist, and instead there was a bowling team of people named Trey, David, Matty, and Sam.
- Tyler (who doesn't really appear in my stories, but I have a very good view of him) is named Aaron; meanwhile, Tyler is the name of Ryan's dad, his eldest brother, and his eldest brother's eldest child.

And the title I eventually came up with for that first story? BÊTE NOIRE: Or, How Benjamin Grant Saved the Day and I Mostly Stood Around and Made Faces At Him.

Gawd, the memories, guyz.

Also, why do I so enjoy the prospect of Lindsey/Tara? I'm sure there's about fifty billion things wrong with it, but I love it like I love Jonathan/Anya
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