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An explosion of Ehnsis!

So, should I totally do ncis_bigbang? And if I do, what should I write about? *flails helplessly*

Yay for Iraq!basketball! Interrupted by bombs! I'll admit it, I lol'd.

And a ded person!

NCIS totally has the best credits ever.

Haha, I bet it's McGee kissing the dog. I win!

Hee, Germaphobe, ilu.

o rly, Ducks? Ah. Haha.

"But I digress." Of course you do!


"My dog's name is Jethro, Tony." ...McGee/Gibbs?

"That's very funny! FIX IT."
"Think you're barking up the wrong tree."

...when was Tony in Baghdad? I'M CONFUSED.

HAH, Tony. Oh, Tony Tony Tony.

"Once or twice." Riiiiiiight, Gibbs.

Haha, poor McGee. I have the same convuluted thoughts.

Er, Z, not quite what the title said.

I've heard of it! On Real Lives.

I love Germaphobe.

On the other hand, I don't like this giant human gerbil. Seriously, that's what he reminds me of.

"McGee. You're looking very guilty over there." LULZ. I love the way he said that.

"As are... most of mine."

Haha, Tony. You're so evil.

"David. Sending an Israeli to Badhdad. I don't think so."

Throw us up that way, lulz.

Ziva is sooo obsessive. Makes me lol.

Haha, Baghdad Hilton. "Ah, yeah. Just like home. If you live in an airport."

"Not even I would shower in that."

"Why the hell are you here?"
"Because it's gonna look really good on my resume."
"...that's not why she's here."

Tony, quit circling. You're making me dizzy.

...Germaphobe knows Arabic ppls?

He looks like a mob informant. He's also so twitchy that it's making me twitchy.

"Nah, I'm kidding, you can go." Oh, Gibbs. I love you.

Arabic is such a pretty language. I love it. Can't wait for my Arabic course this fall!


Haha, I love internet-connection-as-sex.

She can has brother, yes?

Haha, nice try of cover-up, Abby.

"And put my Kill Bill mug back on my desk, McGee."

I wanna learn Arabic!

"The trail, Agent DiNozzo, is filled with roadside bombs!" I lol'd.

Haha, Germaphobe, ilu and your crazy. And now big D is rippin' you a new one.

Aw, little girl.

Haha, Cloverfield. Makes me lol.

"I'm guessing he's not complimenting my vest."
"He seems to know your mother. Rather intimately."

...and he's dead.

Tony and his movies. Crazy, crazy child.

"Good luck with that."

Haha, damn. Tony's movies didn't work this time.

"Haha, hate it when that happens. Awkward moments."


Thank you for clicking a few moments after me, guyz. Makes me feel smrt.

"Because I remember it as if it were this morning. OH WAIT. It was this morning!"

No power cord? That's not gonna last long, dude. Or wait! Is it solar powered?

Ceramics mean lead? Huh? I didn't know that.

DUN DUN! The mob informant!

"Is that a crime?"
"No, no. Murder is."

Is her brother in a coma? Aw. Poor Germaphobe brother!

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