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I may need an anime icon. THE HORROR.

Gah. Bad side effect of staying up over 24 hours and then sleeping for 12: I have a nice killer headache now. Perfect for going in to work with small children for three hours! Not. Plus, I bet it's from dehydration, which means advil isn't gonna work on my thick skull this time. Ah well. I shall chug this Gatorade and then ignore my head.

Oh, while I'm at it, somebody tell me why I'm reading a Gundam Wing/Ronin Warriors crossover? I mean, my entire exposure to Ronin Warriors (or YST, if you prefer the Japanese) is a Sage action figure I had when I was in elementary school. I mean, I loved that action figure, but still!

...God, if there is any justice, please don't let me get sucked back into my anime obsession. I don't have enough time or money for that! *cries*
Tags: anime, rl

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