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1. List your top ten favorite hot fictional characters.
2. Answer all the questions listed.
3. Make a post!
4. Whoever comments has to do the meme! Spreading the fun all around!

1. Duo Maxwell
2. Zacharias Smith
3. Tony DiNozzo
4. Colby Granger
5. Spencer Reid
6. Don Flack
7. Jamie Madrox
8. Xander Harris
9. Owen Harper
10. Matt Seely

So, what do you like most about 2? (Zacharias)
His sarcasm and lack of belief in Harry!

If you could do anything to 4, what would it be? (Colby)
Drool on him. Oh, wait, not what WOULD you do in reality... Um, yes.

Who would you choose between 5 and 7?
Reid and Jamie? Ooh, tough. Reid over movie!Jamie, but I think I may have to go with evo!Jamie or comic!Jamie over Reid.

Out of a ten, how much would you rate 1? (Duo)
10! He's awesome.

What do you find most attractive about 1?
Hm. His craziness!

If you could go out with 3, what type of date would you go on? (Tony)
Movies! Or possibly just hang out and watch MST3K.

If 8 was a type of season, which season would he be? (Xander)
Erm. Summer, because he doesn't like school!

Why is 10 not higher up your list? (Matt)
Because his show was done cancelled so long ago!

So what does 10 have to do to be brought higher up? (Matt)
Um... get the show back on the air? Have the actor appear in more shows/movies?

What would be the ideal situation for you for 2 and 4? (Zacharas and Colby)
...dude, I have no idea. HP/#s crossover? I don't know!

Which two people would you wanna be stuck with on a desert island?
Jamie and Reid. Reid probably has tons and tons of survival know-how, and Jamie can do all the work with his multiple selves!

Marry, shag or kiss - 4, 6, 8.
Marry Colby
Shag Flack
Kiss Xander

What do you hate most about 7? (Jamie)
The way he's so not gay enough!

Have you ever thought about how you'll react when you meet 3? (Tony)
Whether it was Tony or Michael Weatherly, I would spaz out. This is pretty much true for everybody.

Have you seen 1 and 2 together on tv before? (Duo and Zacharias)
Um, no. Big no.

Have you ever dreamt about 6? (Flack)
Actually, I think he did appear in a dream once. But I don't remember it.

Who would you cuddle, glomp or kiss - 10,7,8.
Cuddle Matt
Glomp Jamie
Kiss Xander

If you could give anything to 10, what would it be? (Matt)
A spin-off.

Out of all of them - who would you:
Owen, probably. I love the guy, but... yeah.
Kiss? Oh, let's go with Zacharias.
Pinch cheeks? Duo!
Run away with? Jamie.
Act like an idiot with? Duo.
Cry on? Colby!
Take to see your parents? Colby.
Bungee jump with? Um, none. No thnx.
Cross dress with? Duo
Swap lives with for a day? Jamie!
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