Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Yes, I am making a post about the spelling bee. stfu.

HEE, you shoulda seen the reaction to the word 'numnah'. Sameer was all, "...numb-nut?"

...and they just played "Getcha Head in the Game". Oh, lols.

But yeah, I've actually recognized and correctly spelled a lot of these words. Although, now they're giving ones that make me go 'huh', so things are back to usual.

And hee! Satyagraha! That's the title of one of the last chapters in Shadow of the Hegemon.

Heh, I like that girl, #218. "Do you see the clock?" "Yes, it's a very pretty clock."

And whoo! They're down to Tia, Sameer, and some other dude.

YAY! Sameer won! I like him. He's quite adorable, I just want to pinch his little cheeks.
Tags: spelling, tv

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