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Who I Am meme!

1. First Name: Meagan, technically, but Lee or Leevee to most everyone.
2. Age: 18.
3. Location: Aurora, Colorado.

4. Occupation: Teacher's aide at a daycare/preschool, specifically in a toddler room (ages one through potty training). In the course of a normal day, I change diapers, change clothes of kids for various reasons, help them get to sleep, serve food, clean tables/chairs/floor/dishes/sleep mats, and just generally keep an eye on the kids, inside and outside. There's also yoga and Spanish class to get them through.

5. Kids: None of my own, but I work for at least three hours with little kids on weekdays, and then have weekends free - it works nicely, although there's a handful that I just wanna take home with me.

6. Brothers/Sisters: Only child! I do have four cousins, though, all female. The oldest is Kirsten, who's 22 and working in construction in D.C. after completing AmeriCorps. Her younger sister is Karla, or Kari, who is 17, a junior in high school, and marine biology enthusiast - she's wanted to be a marine vet since she was about three, and hasn't changed her mind, go as far as to get a summer internship at the Baltimore Aquarium and actually AP Chemistry. She's also the only one of us all who will graduate from a normal school - Kirsten also went to an alternative school. Finally, there's the twins, Rachel and Rebecca, who were adopted as babies from Lithuania by my mom's younger sister, but fit into the family perfectly. They're currently 12 and attend a tiny little Christian school (tiny as in around 30 kids, grades K-12), where they are quite popular and best friends with many 14 and 15 year old boys.

7. Pets: I have one cat, Captain Jack Harkness IV. He was indeed named after the Doctor Who/Torchwood character, and he was adopted early December '06 from the Denver Dumb Friends League. He's a little brown and orange tabby (well, not so little, 14 pounds), and is five years old. Before him, we had an Akita named Sam (or, long-form, Nataku's Kodiac Samurai Bailey). We had to put him down after Thanksgiving '06 because of numerous health problems, but he was very old for a large dog.

8. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
- Working part time with toddlers and going to school full time are wearing me out, the main reason I wasn't really on for about a month.
- Deciding whether or not to transfer schools in order to have a better fitting major.
- Weekends with Julio. I spend every possible weekend with my BFF Julia - this weekend we will go see movies; next weekend, we shall see Mile Hi Sci Fi, and then go to one of my co-worker's birthday parties, and then go to Warped; the weekend after that, we hit the Ren Fest, because I'll finally have money!

9. Where and for what did you go to school for? I currently attend Metropolitan State College of Denver, majoring in anthropology. I started five days after my high school graduation in May '07. I'm planning on transferring to the University of Colorado at Denver to major in international studies. On a different education note, it's important to know that for my last two years of high school, I attended Humanex Academy, an alternative 7-12 school with around 65 students and many interesting stories. Prior to that, I attended normal public school.

10. Parents: My dad was in the Marines for 20 years, retiring when I was seven. He's worked at Lockheed Martin for the last eleven years, and plays softball on a company team. Meanwhile, my mom quit her job at Michaels and became an insurance agent - not that big of a leap, she's had over twenty years of experience at H&R Block. I'm not incredibly close to my dad, but only in that neither of us is overly touchy-feely - I know he loves me, he knows I love him, and we wrestle and stuff, we just don't really talk. My mom, on the other hand, is possibly my best friend (lame as it sounds). I tell her all about my day, everyday, just because.

11. Who are some of your closest friends? My bestest friend would be Julia. We met through another friend while at Humanex (said friend sort of fell out of the picture a while back when we both realized how much of a psychopath she truly is). Ever since I graduated, we hang out pretty much every weekend, watching movies and wandering up and down 16th Street. Her, 6'1", smoking cigarettes and wearing a bright blue beehive wig; me, horrendously overweight and sucking on Taco Bell hot sauce packets. We are truly a sight to behold.

There's also our group, as we still call them: Piper, said psycho; Oscar, my former boyfriend who is altogether amusing; Carter, video-game obsessee and poster child for ADHD; Emily, Carter's younger, punk-rock sister; and Ed, a sociopath, but an amusing one. (Also at HX are: JR, whose first contact with HX was Piper, looking at the Communist symbol on his hat, going, "Are you a Nazi?" and Josh, JR's partner in crime and lulz.)

My other bestest friend is Joe, who used to live in the next neighborhood over (I once snow-shooed over to his house in a blizzard), but now lives in Georgia. Despite this, when my mom, myself, my aunt, and her two daughters went to Disney World, we took Joe too (which led to the epic Captain Jack debates on Disney buses - he held that Sparrow is superior; I say Harkness). He's like the sister I never had! Yes, sister. After a desperate grasp on his part to date me (um wut?), he finally admitted to himself that he is gaaaaaaay. We are attempting to get together in New York to see the Little Mermaid on Broadway (Little Mermaid is one of his obsessions; the biggest is Spongebob, as he has every Spongebob merch in existence and his room is just a blur of yellow).
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