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New Who + Warped!

Dude, omg to the new Who. *spazzes out*
So, I've always loved Harriet Jones. Super-tru-fax. And this episode proved why - she's freakin hardxcore, dudes. And how much do I love the 'Children of Time'? I also enjoy everyone's "Not now, Captain," And "That's Jack - don't go there." And Ianto's jealousy - "When was this?" And, just, everyone getting together. It's just as awesome as I always thought it would be!

Okay, went to Warped today. Got a horrible sunburn that is quite painful, plus I managed to completely scrape my lower leg, thanks to the wonder of falling-onto-pavement-while-moshing. On the upside, it was wicked fun, and when we were walking back to the light rail station? Well, there was a train blocking our way, and it wasn't moving, so me and Julia totally climbed onto one of the cars and then off on the other side. Oh yeah. It was awesome. I fell on my ass after jumping off, mind you, but it was still awesome.
Tags: dr. ?, music, rl, tv

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