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You know how people say "I'm going to hell"? Yeah, I'm really going to hell.

theformerclarity (9:36:38 PM): I wish that girl was in my class.
biscuiteatingsob (9:36:40 PM): I would so start cracking up.
theformerclarity (9:37:25 PM): ...we are horrible, horrible people.
biscuiteatingsob (9:37:33 PM): We reeeeeally are.
biscuiteatingsob (9:38:04 PM): All our kids are gonna have Tourettes and OCD and ADHD and be retarded, for karma.
theformerclarity (9:38:14 PM): ...yeah, probably.
theformerclarity (9:38:35 PM): Luckily, we have many conviniently located bus stops in our area.
biscuiteatingsob (9:38:44 PM): HAH
biscuiteatingsob (9:38:49 PM): You're bad.
theformerclarity (9:38:55 PM): I know. *hangs head*

biscuiteatingsob (9:40:33 PM): ...should she really be holding the knife?
theformerclarity (9:40:50 PM): This situation is making me nervous.
biscuiteatingsob (9:40:56 PM): Meee too
theformerclarity (9:41:25 PM): ...seriously, these home lives are very, very similar to Piper and Ozzy's.
theformerclarity (9:42:04 PM): I remember hiding in Piper's closet as she totally went batshit, trying to stab herself and her parents and they had to hold her to the ground while Ozzy laughed at her.
biscuiteatingsob (9:42:26 PM): *snicker liek woah*
theformerclarity (9:42:58 PM): Ozzy was only laughing because he was totally used to it. Such things happened just about every other day in their house.

biscuiteatingsob (9:51:27 PM): ...what if you had, like, six kids and they all had Tourettes.
theformerclarity (9:52:28 PM): ...we'd have to hit 1-25 and Broadway to properly dispose of them. Not enough busses go anywhere else.
biscuiteatingsob (9:52:47 PM): HAH
theformerclarity (9:52:54 PM): My next thought: I'm gonna make a Sims cheat where that's possible.
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