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We're all in this tooooogether!

Nothing takes you out of a fairly dark HP fic faster than the phrase "We're all in this together". At least if you're me, because then you start singing the High School Musical song.

...I mean, I would possibly kill to have a Hogwarts School Musical, with the Gryffindors as the jocks, Slytherins as the drama kids, and Ravenclaws as the brains (Hufflepuffs, of course, are the filler crowd, like we always are). But Harry Potter doing jazz hands in the middle of an angstfest? Breaks the mood just a bit.

And I just saw an icon that was rather vehemently against the director of OotP, saying that he basically crapped on the book. umwut? I thought it was a fairly good adaptation. Not exact, but nothing ever is, and it rather kept the spirit of it all, I think.

But then, I can almost guarantee I'm putting too much thought into it.

So! In good news, I convinced my mom to drive me to campus tomorrow. This is important,because I forgot to pick up a scantron for my final, and had I taken light rail, I would've walked the entire length of campus twice (the light rail is right next to my class; the Tivoli, where you buy scantrons, is on the opposite end of our neverending campus).
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