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In case you're wondering, the last line is a joke.


I decided to try my hand at cooking - something other than ramen, which I have been eating by the truckload. Made me some "stir-fry" (probably doesn't actually qualify as such) out of frozen chicken strips, frozen broccoli (because I didn't see the fresh stuff sitting on the counter), and leftover potatoes, mixed with butter, seasoning salt, and balsamic vinegar.

It's good, but I think I'm going with teriyaki sauce next time. And use a bigger pan, because this is so not enough for me right now. Which means - you guessed it - more ramen!

Now, the question: chicken, which I have a box of; miso, which I think I still have a few packs of; or beef, which I have a decent amount of but doesn't mix well with the other two? DECISIONS!

I think I shall go with chicken, because when I finish this box I can convince my mom to get a box of oriental. *srs nod*

Oh, in other news: in-service day tomorrow. Meaning I get up at 6, make my sleep-deprived way to work, in order to sit around for four hours with my legs asleep listening to people alternate between lecturing us on common sense practices and forcing us to do asinine excersizes. And then I get to spend another four hours cleaning!

...I may attempt to kill myself. Stay tuned!
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