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My Arabic professor totally didn't show up today because he was confused by the schedule. Although I was looking forward to it, at least it gave me time to go to the financial aid office and the cashier's. Now I'm killing a few minutes before work, where I shall work for two hours, and then have an hour of being on the computer and reheating some gyoza, and then it's off to computers for morons!

Hey, everybody needs a class or two to boost their GPA, right?

On the slightly disturbing side, I realized something last night: I've been in (non-chatroom) RPGs for five years; I've been going to fan conventions for five (six?) years; and I have been in fandom for ten years.

Ten years. A freakin' decade. I'm 18, fer cryin' out loud! *wild flailing ensues* On the upside, I've moved on from Star Wars and Animorphs to... *checks tabs* Er, Naruto and Dark Angel?

...yeah, I made myself sad. Oh well. Off to work! I shall show up early and they shall be amazed.
Tags: college, fandom, rl

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