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um wut.

Well, I just had a close encounter of the creepy kind. I'm sittin' there, innocently munchin on my Subway, when this kid comes up and tries to give me a bag of chips that he won but doesn't want. I decline; he takes this is a sign to stick around and babble. He was talking about how he'd already made two new friends today, and since we went to different schools this would be the last time he'd have a chance to make friends with me, and he and his friends had decided that whoever he made friends with would then be his friends, and the friends they made would be his, and he had more friends than his brother, he thinks. And he thinks everyone in the world should be friends, but he's not sure if we can be friends with terrorists unless they become ex-terrorists and stop wanting to kill Americans.

That's not the weird part.

He mentioned that if we met up again, we should exchange details, but we couldn't do it then because he didn't have anything to write with, but that was okay because he types everything for class because his handwriting is horrible, probably because of his disability, but he doesn't think he actually has a disability, (here there was some babble about Obama that didn't really connect to anything) because the government is covering up the existence of dragons and magic and aliens because they don't want the world population to freak out, but he thinks people wouldn't freak out too much. And he doesn't hear voices, except when he's talking to God and God talks back, and sometimes Satan if there's two voices, but he's open to the idea that God doesn't exist. There was also something about how you can't hallucinate in dreams, and when he saw "it" (I think a dragon, it was hard to tell), he thought he was awake because he pinched himself, but he can feel pain in dreams, so it must have been real because you don't hallucinate in dreams.

Yeah. He stood there, in the middle of room, and babbled this at me. I feel like I just did a whole bunch of acid.
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