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Julia and I have a Plan.

biscuiteatingsob: Yeah, I'm reading Fandom Wank, and apparently he cut off RPATTZ at the VMAs, and the fangirls are out for blood.
biscuiteatingsob: ...and god, why does that sentence make sense to me?
theformerclarity: ...I don't know.
biscuiteatingsob: Fandom really ought to claim a piece of land nobody wants and succeed from the country. Like Wyoming, let's take Wyoming.
biscuiteatingsob: We've already got our own language!
theformerclarity: Yay! And I think you mean secede.
biscuiteatingsob: ...right. I totally did.
theformerclarity: But really? Wyoming? I think we should go with Utah. Age of consent is 12, and polygamy is semi-legal, so all the middle-school fangirls can marry Edward!
biscuiteatingsob: Ooh, good point!
biscuiteatingsob: But the Mormons may not want to give us Utah.
biscuiteatingsob: See, I was going for Wyoming because nobody lives there or cares about it.
theformerclarity: Yeah, but there are way too many cows.
biscuiteatingsob: Yeah, but that means lots of steak and pot roasts!
theformerclarity: Tru, tru.
theformerclarity: Plus, my family is friends with a millionaire who lives there, we could totally kill him and take his house.
biscuiteatingsob: Perfect!
biscuiteatingsob: It will be the ruler's mansion.
biscuiteatingsob: Whatever the ruler shall be named.
biscuiteatingsob: Supreme BNF?
theformerclarity: No. Supreme BAMF.
theformerclarity: Because if you killed a millionaire for his house, you are a BAMF.
biscuiteatingsob: Tru, tru.
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