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Movies, and Julio! But, oddly, not Julio at the movies. Hm.

I totally just saw a banner ad for Forever Strong! The rugby movie! Oh man, I am so psyched for that, even if it sucks ass I'm gonna see it a bunch of times because RUGBY MOVIE.

In other, movie-related news, Burn After Reading is freakin' hilarious. I think I shall call it What Would Happen if Humanexers Got into the CIA, because... yeah. I think the liberal use of 'fuck' might've put me off of the movie back a few years ago, but after Humanex, part of my mind thinks it's perfectly natural to say fuck every other word or so. Ah, HX, you have warped me so deliciously.

(If anybody's wondering, I would be JK Simmons in the movie.)

Oh, I was totally checking Wikipedia's recent deaths page (I usually hit it every few days, just in case), and found out David Foster Wallace hanged himself Friday night. My immediate reaction? Holler the news to my mom, run upstairs to grab my phone, and text Julia about it in all caps. Srsly, man, she loves that guy. She's written a freakin' Infinite Jest/Harry Potter crossover, for fuck's sake, that's some level of crazy.

...granted, this is the same chick who wrote Adam Baldwin/Chris Hansen slash after we caught To Catch a Predator on a tv at a convention whilst stalking Adam Baldwin. So... yeah.

ONE MORE THING! (Yes, I did imagine that in Uncle's voice from Jackie Chan Adventures.) I'm totes planning a next-gen HP RPG called For the Lulz.
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