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School, work, and my general brilliance.

So, apparently I'm a genius who can't read her own handwriting. My first Arabic test was October 1, not 7. Ah well, I didn't do great, but I did decently, I believe.

And in good news, I'm not actually missing my computer class tonight. Because she canceled it! So I can go to the friends and family sneak preview at my mom's new store without feeling the least bit of guilt! Ah, today is a good day. I should've known it would be good when I had two bowls of Kix this morning, because Kix are awesome.

Iiin any case, I now have an hour to kill before heading over to work early. Susie's out and we've been high all week, so Chavela will be up to her neck in screaming babies and new staff. Fun for her, amirite?

Oh! We got another new kid yesterday, Liam. He is a sweetie. Had a hard first day, but so do they all (except Kenton, I've never seen that boy cry. He just looks mildly interested and curious constantly). And, of course, Liam/Terah/Damien all got upset when I picked up one of them because they all wanted to be picked up. At least Terah'll go with anybody except Lisa, Damien is pretty stuck on me. But he's cute, so I don't mind.

Even if he is named Damien and his sister is Lilith.
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