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*looks at icon* I'm still sad we don't get MSNBC anymore...

To any of my friends out there who are not yet in college... I wish to tell you one thing: NEVER PROCRASTINATE. Especially not in a workload heavy art class that means you're spending six hours straight slaving over two large drawings because you were too stupid to do them any sooner than two days before they're due.

It doesn't help that I just got a XBOX 360 and found my PSP, either.*

* = as an aside, yes, I totally can now play any game ever made in the last number of years except for PS3. Er, and some PC games that require a good graphics card. Which means two things: I need to save money to trade in my PS2 for a PS3, and I need to go down to Falcon Computers and see how much it would cost to upgrade my graphics card. Yesss... But after Fable 2 comes out, so I don't attempt to spend my Fable 2 money on a new graphics card.
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