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In Which I Ramble About Tea.

So I tried finding a website that could recommend tea for someone who has tried many kinds of tea and hated them all, no matter what was put into it. I found one that looked a bit promising, titled 'How to Reap the Benefits of Tea When You Don't Like Tea', and settled down to read.

...yeah, they keep talking about how tea can be hard to like at first because of its bitter taste. Umwut? Tea isn't bitter; it's weak. That's the problem. It's weak and hollow (look, I don't know how to describe it better than that). And it's not just because I don't let it sit long enough - I've had other people, ranging from my mother to a friend of the family that drinks tea by the gallon to random professional places, and they're all weeeeeeeak.

Though I haven't tried chai. Maybe I'll try chai!
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