Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

This shall be a post of miscellany, and I shall call it... well, a post of miscellany.

First, I think too fast. My mother was mentioning something to me, and my brain immediately ran through the topic we had been talking about before, and brought up and discarded ideas before landing on the most likely one... all before she'd gotten more than a few words out. Leading to this, somewhat hilarious exchange:

Mom: "I think you should go and gt a plastic bag-"
Me: "And freeze the soup?!"
Mom: "...I was going to say 'clean the litterbox', but go for it."

As further proof of my weirdness, I offer you stories of my childhood Christmases:

Santa was never a huge figure for me - as I mentioned to Julia, I went from vaguely believing in him to vaguely not-believing in him. Nah, man, I was all about the reindeer! To the point where not only did I have a favorite (Dasher, of course), but I would always have one present 'from Santa'... and one from Dasher. And then one from the reindeer as a group. And we'd leave a glass of milk for Santa, but no cookies - instead, a bag of carrots for the reindeer.

Yeah. I'm totally serious.

And to leave off, I give you this priceless IM from Julio, under influence of her Ambien:

theformerclarity (9:23:32 PM): okay, i gott GO BEFORE i ms ckm zxockxd,mu9vico
theformerclarity signed off at 9:24:13 PM.
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