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It's definitely winter, guyz.

Okay, I get paid tomorrow. Good thing, considering I'm down to 20 bucks in my checking and savings and seven bucks cash (and seventeen bucks on my GameStop card, whoo for trade-ins!). The problem lies in the fact that I will be using this paycheck to buy Christmas presents and the complete Obernewtyn series (which comes out Tuesday).

On that note: I'M FINALLY GONNA GET TO READ ALL OF THE OBERNEWTYN SERIES, GUYZ!!!! Oh man, anybody else remember when I totally had, like, my entire LJ themed after Obernewtyn stuff? Good times, good times.

In other news, I just finished my last class of the semester. Finals next week, and then I'm free for almost a month! It would actually be longer than a month, but I'm a genius who decided to take a winterim course - two weeks of five hours a day class in international relations, whoo!

And now, I shall bundle back up in approximately twenty pounds of winter clothing, so that I may walk half a block to work. Yay Colorado!
Tags: books, college, obernewtyn

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