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Obernewtyn leads to me reminiscing on my childhood... because that makes sense.

So I finally started reading The Keeping Place (Obernewtyn #4, for those not in the know) after having reread the first three books. I'm only a few chapters in, but I've realized something:

I am Miryum. No, srsly. For a while, I thought maybe the character closest to me was Garth, because he is immensely fat and obsessed with the past. But no. Miryum is large, violently seasick, tactless, afraid of heights, and starts a band of Robin Hood style "knights".

Not to mention that if I had a Talent, it would almost certainly be Coercing. Teknoguilding would probably be a close second, I admit, which is a rather bizarre crossguilding... But yes, Coercing. How else to explain the way that I continually got people to believe batshit crazy ideas and to follow me on doing stupid shit in my younger years?

Honestly, when you were seven or eight, if the chubby girl with a rat's nest of hair, sweatpants, and a souvenir t-shirt told you she had a secret lab (with a baby black panther cub) hidden under her porch, would you believe her? And yet, I had at least three people believing it. And let's not talk about the time I convinced Chris Mack (a truly feeble mind, I'll be honest) to walk almost five miles out of our neighborhood via the ditch.

...we also won't talk about how, ending up two neighborhoods over, it seemed to be a completely different country to me, but I was fine with moving halfway across the country.

But back to Miryum. As far as the creating rogue groups of justice... I had the army. In which I organized all the kids from my half of the street (look, I live on a very long street!) into a medieval-style (ish) army, armed with fallen tree branches stripped to be staffs. Honestly, it was mostly fighting 'drills' (hitting trees with the staffs) and competitions (those things hurt when swung at the head, damn it), and 'mining' the ice build-up on the roads after snow storms.

(It also gave way to the marine corps - on rollerblades, where we mostly just raced - and the air force, on bikes, and the one area that I did not control because I had the least bike skillz - I eventually managed to make my way up from the very bottom rank via tutoring from the commander, Brian, on how to turn sharply and ride without holding handlebars.)

...this just in, I was not the only loser in my neighborhood as a child.
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