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Breakfast for, er, post-midnight snack? And other wonders of vacay.

So, for the last week or so I've been eating scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast after midnight. I don't know why, but damn it's delicious!

In other news, I have been buried in reading random-ass genres of fanfiction, and am more susceptible than normal to commercials for TV shows. I saw one for a show or TV movie or something, and saw Ellison from the Sentinel, and was all, 'I should read some Sentinel fic...' Or, when I wasn't paying attention, I caught a flash of long hair, and was all, 'Is that Christian Kane?!' And it was, as it appears he's one of the stars of that TNT show my mom's all over. I'd watch, but... I'm still burned over Wanted, man. I loved that show!

Oh, and Lost in Blue 2 is addictive. Especially now that I've figured out how to work the traps without completely failing at life. But now I have to collect enough squirrels to make a bunch of lunchboxes, so I can take Amy over to the raft and we can discover more of the island! But our chicken will surely die in the meantime! And what about the treehouse? I gotta build that shit too, but damn it it's so many ropes and logs!

...I'm going to go now. I want some eggs.
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