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One of many reasons why I shouldn't stay up all night.

It is 7AM - a time I have not seen in probably a year - and a fanfic just made me start thinking thoughts far too deep for one such as me to think.

That is to say, it involved accessing memories, and the line 'you were remembering remembering it'. Now I imagining memory as a single line, and your conscious dips into it at various times when remembering specific things, which then leaves the memory of accessing that memory on your memory. And, of course, your conscious mind is actually that string of memory as an entirety... And now I'm trying to fix amnesia in with this theory.

Let it be known that I've only ever taken a half of a psychology class, and a few literature/philosophy fusion classes. So this is all bull that has probably been explained far better than I have done it, but I'm still proud of myself for coming up with it! Like the first time I came up with a joke - how much does a Chinese elephant way? Won-ton! I'm damn proud of that joke, okay?

Well, enough psuedo-intellectual ramblings from me. I must try to decide if I'm up for the eighth night (er, morning, now) in a row of making scrambled eggs, or if I might want to try something else.

And I really should write that chapter of Genius Does What it Must.
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