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Int'l relations, man.

Just finished my first exam for international relations. 33 questions, multiple-choice, and guess how long the professor gave us to take it?

An hour and fifteen minutes, with a fifteen minute break afterward. Yeah, I finished in fifteen minutes.* So now I'm free until 2.30! Although I had to walk over to the Tivoli because the Metro computer lab at King Center is closed for some reason.

Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto concert tonight! I'm super-psyched, even tho I have to attempt to find parking on Colfax, which never ends well.

Aaaand I've managed to kill enough time for me to head back now.

(* Mostly because I read very fast, and refuse to go over questions again, because every time I do my grade drops a letter)
Tags: college, rl

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