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Things I learned at the Golden Globes, 2009.

I've apparently seen a full half of every movie Steven Spielberg has ever been involved in. Granted, some not all the way through - I think the most I've ever managed of ET is about forty minutes, I slept through most of Jaws, and a lot of the last half of AI is confused in my mind (not as bad as Star Wars Episode II, tho, where I'm pretty sure I fell asleep after ten minutes).

Also, if I have to watch another He's Just Not That Into You commercial, I am going on a homicidal rampage. Just so you know. Hey, movie, I'm just not that into you, got it?

So far, Slumdog Millionaire's won for the two awards it's been up for, score and screenplay. Also, Dustin Hoffman looks pissed off, and Emma Thompson is wasted. But yeah, I love Slumdog Millionaire. Who woulda thought that Anwar would be the big star from Skins? Srsly.

Director award... DANNY BOYLE! 3/3, baby! And there was Dev Patel and Latika (I should learn the actress' name at some point). I enjoy Danny Boyle's hair, too. And yay, Anwar again (he's always gonna be Anwar to me) And hee to the millionaire host guy! And aw, he was all choked up!

But yeah, reminded me of when Danny Strong got up to hug Laura Dern for winning (for Recount, which he wrote) - Danny Strong is srsly, like, four feet tall, to quote Buffy. It cracked me up, even as I was cheering over a win for Danny - look, he created the movie, anything anybody wins in connection to it is a win for him!

GOD COLIN FARRELL DO ME I LOVE YOU. I'm sorry, he is fucking sexy, always and forever. Especially since he sounds like he's trying not to cry - LOOK I DON'T KNOW WHY VULNERABLE SEXY GUYS DO IT FOR ME BUT THEY DO.

His hair, on the other hand, could fight a porcupine and come out unscathed.

...Sacha Baron Cohen is kindof hot. Lemme tell you, when Borat came out, had anyone suggested this to me, I woulda capped a bitch (yes I would've shut up I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE).

AND AW THEY HAD TO SHOW THAT CLIP FROM SLUMDOG. I almost cried, while yelling, "Get the damn phone, Latika! Get it! Get it!" Freida Pinto, by the way, is hot enough that I would so go gay for her.

I don't understand the appeal of Revolutionary Road in the least bit, but you can't begrudge Kate Winslet for anything, she's so genuinely shocked and happy it's really rather heartwarming.

...yeah, I tuned out the half hour or so Mickey Rourke was on. And wtf is this commercial? Kings? I dunno, the lead guy looks kinda hawt.


You know, I can't help but wonder what Dev and Freida are going through. For Dev, this is the first thing he's been in aside from Skins - where he played the most minor of the main characters. For Freida, it's her first thing ever. And it won big. I'm actually genuinely happy for them! I don't usually get like this for award shows.

Well, I'm sure the Oscars will wreck all this good feeling - they get a bit self-important. But hey, a month and a half till then!
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