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Procrastination Nation!

So, uh, I may or may not be totally wanting to work for the EU or UN. Which also brings up the question, could I even work for the EU, since I'm not European? We shall see! We'll also see if I still feel this way after the ritalin's worn off and I'm not highlighting the chapter on IGOs!

Oh man, I gotta write my damn paper. And then the extra credit papers. And then study for the final (okay, highlight for the final, it's open-book and I'm a speedreader, not terribly concerned over this one). And considering the number of windows I've opened up so far, I think it's safe to say that the ritalin is losing its effectiveness. Booster time! Reminder: I really need to make an appointment with Kaiser so I can get my prescription refilled. This was supposed to run out May of 2007! That's not good!

For amusement's sake: my top five most recent emails on gmail are two sets of replies to posts on a RPG I joined, one set of replies to a comment on JournelFen, and two emails from myself, entitled 'notes to be printing yes' and 'PAPER OMG RITE IT'. Well, at least I amuse myself!

...fast forward to 12.11, and I'm done! Whoo! Hooray for soon having three credits for two weeks worth of work!
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