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Effing freshman comp, guys.

So, I've got to come up with a personal "tragedy" to write about for my freshman comp class. Think I could get away with writing about the day I went crazy and slaughtered my college English class because no one knew what a guttersnipe was and the professor can't use quotation marks properly?

Eh, probably not. Damn it.

...I also just tried to find an emo-angsty entry in my LJ about something that actually, y'know, happened in real life and wasn't laughed at by me two days later. Yeah. Nothing. I have no tragedies! And I've already written one paper on how the tragedy of my life is that I have no tragedies, I refuse to do it again.

So. Now the decision comes: Sims 2 or TV Tropes? On the one hand, TV Tropes. On the other hand, I'm playing a family with eight kids, and they're all generally in or near platinum!
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