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I plan too much and do too little. Case in point:

So I've been planning a HP fic where a slightly AU next gen group (along with Harry) winds up in canon timeline MWPP era. I've decided that the key to hilarity is for every single damn character to be connected to each other about fifty ways, which is surprisingly easy given, well, the Weasley family. And then I randomly decided that Zacharias Smith fathered four kids by three different women before giving up and sticking with guys exclusively - or more specifically, Colin Creevey exclusively, which just makes things stranger.

Okay. So at first I started out with a list of seven kids that go back in time with Harry, who is Defense professor and head of Hufflepuff because there were no Hufflepuff graduates on staff and he was the most junior professor, so he got stuck with it. Those seven kids are all Hufflepuff upperclassmen who are in trouble for some reason or another, and get detention. Harry decides to take them to the Forbidden Forest for detention, and something strange happens and wham, they're in the past.

Then I decided I wanted Albus Severus in it as well, so he becomes his father's helper on detentions. And then I decided that Alice Longbottom, Neville and Hannah's only child, should be a Slytherin along with Al Sev, and sneak along with the detention because it is totally unfair that the Hufflepuffs should be rewarded for misbehavior by going into one of the most forbidden places on campus.

(...okay, I'll be honest. I added in Alice entirely because I wanted a scene, in the past, where the Marauders go to prank a cauldron, and Alice - who has been terrified by stories of her parents' Potions mishaps, but also grew up in a tavern and is made of slightly sterner stuff - tackles whoever was about to prank the cauldron to the ground shrieking, "Sabotage! Sabotage!")

Then, I had a change of heart and decided to make things even more slightly canon - originally one of the students was the offspring of Luna and Draco, but I decided to instead keep Scorpius and add in Lorcan as a fifth year... and I just decided to make him boyfriends with Scorpius so that Scorpius would be connected to everyone else.

(Lysander is a Ravenclaw, and therefore not at the detention; he is also dating Lily Luna. Rose and Hugo aren't involved, either, as Rose is a Gryffindor and Hugo wound up in Slytherin.)

So, long story... well, shorter, I now have a character list of almost twenty ridiculously connected next-gen kids. Part of me is thinking, Hm, this might be better off as a RPG. On the other hand, who would want to play something as cracked out as this, I ask you?

Maybe I should make a next-gen/MWPP time travel (and/or AU travel) RPG with vaguer terms? In that case, should I make it 'a group of next-gen comes to MWPP', 'a group of MWPP comes to next-gen', or 'people randomly shift in and out of time in a confusing manner'? I think the third idea is the most interesting, but the second is most do-able. Eh, whatevs. Maybe I'll get bored and do a poll in a bit.
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