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Writer's Block: AKA

What's the story behind your username?

I'm an old-school user, and I got the code for this journal for a HP RPG where I played Colin Creevey. Variations on his full name were taken, so I tried to think of words to describe Colin - and 'chaos' came to mind. Hence, colin_chaotic. Why haven't I changed it? Because I still love Colin (and chaos), and it amuses me when people think I'm a dude. Actually, I'm so using Colin as part of my official pseudonym. M. Colin Lee, how's that sound? I mean, other than like I've done some crack.

In other news, my cat totally scratched the inside of my right pinky. It keeps almost closing, and then I bend it and can actually feel it break open. Damn.
Tags: eljay, qotd

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