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Anime, Achilles, Watchmen.

So, dunno how widespread it was, but some of the Best Buys in my area had a half-off-all-anime sale this week. I, er, may have gotten far more than is healthy. Bleach S1, Full Metal Alchemist S1, Ouran Host Club S1, Kodocha S1, Case Closed S3, Yu Yu Hakusho S1-3, and Death Note. For the most part, I bought them because they're fairly mainstream and have fandoms (I'm sorry, but +anima and Houshin Engi have filled my niche for awesome animes that no one writes fic about). Kodocha, well, I could care less about the fandom for, I started reading that manga years and years back, and it is adorable.

Oh, and I have a Kankuro plushie now. Yeeeah. I'm trying to monitor the amount of money I pour into the anime-sinkhole so I don't reach quite the level of critical mass that I reached in previous years. And I refuse to buy any more Gundam Wing. At this point, I have at least three copies of the entire series. THAT IS ENOUGH JOHN MAYER.

In other news, I totally have Achilles tendinitis (probably). The main cure for that is to rest it and avoid the activities that make it hurt. Yeah. Let's be honest here, I don't exercise - it starts hurting about three hours into my day, and I kinda have to walk to class and to work. My mom theorizes that the doctor's going to put me on crutches for at least a bit. Part of me thinks that will be a pain in the ass, and part of me thinks it will be hilarious.

btw, I'm going to a midnight showing of Watchmen with my mum. Er, probably. It's only IMAX that is sold out right now, right?
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