Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Ah, the wonders of misguided academic activities!

Ahahahaha, this episode of King of the Hill makes me lol. There's a professor at Bobby's school talking to them about racism and stuff... in that totally overblown way that they tend to do. (He gives some of the group stars, and at first the kids are all like, cool, I'm a cop/star-bellied sneetch, but the guy's all, "No! The stars are not good! The Jews during the Holocaust had to wear stars!" "So... we're Jews? And that's bad?" "Yes! I mean, no. I mean, it's complicated.")

It just reminded me of that activity we did at NSLC, the first day. We were divided into four groups, given a taped-off area to work in, and tasks to complete - one group was small, had a lot of space and resources; one was medium sized all across; one had few resources, a small space, but a small number of people; and the final one (my group) had tons of people, few resources, and a small space.

When the game started, I immediately stood outside the taped area because there was no room. That, apparently, was against the rules, and I was hauled off to 'jail'. Eventually I was paroled, and sent back to my tiny area, where I attempted to get things organized but no one would listen. Eventually I got fed up and just stood outside the tape until I was hauled off back to jail, where I proceeded to act up enough to not get paroled again - although I eventually was, and I immediately sneaked back into prison because it was just more fun.

You might've been able to guess that it was a representation of society (upper class, middle class, rural lower class, urban lower class). It always amused me that the only people in the entire group that I liked wound up in jail with me (or were lucky enough to be upper class and therefore didn't have issues). Somehow, though, I don't think the moral they wanted was that only criminals have a sense of humor.
Tags: nslc, rl

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