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Sam, the Apprentice, Andrew, and Angel

=====[begin the apprentice section]=====
Alright folks. I have decided that, now that Sam is out of the picture, I shall not watch The Apprentice on 'Trumpdays' (or any other days, for that matter), but I will be rooting for both Troy (aka hot-boy-with-cute-accent-and-leg-wax-who-was-nice-to-Sam) and Jessie (aka, she who hath talked twice and was at one point rumoured to have been eaten by killer aliens - alternatively, eaten by Trump's hair - as she wasn't seen in an entire episode). I wish I could root for Heidi-Ho, as she seemed to be a Sam fan, but she's just too skanky, yo.

In other news, did you all hear about how, when he went on the Today Show, he proposed to girlfriend? I went all "AWW!" and was a tad glad of the fact he had been fired. He already has a successful business, and he only really went onto the show to meet his idol, Donald Trump. And besides, his Glare o' DOOM! was effing awesome.

Now, to conclude this, DOWN WITH ASSORAMA (/OMA-POT) AND EREEEEEEEKA (/EREKA-KETTLE)!!!!!!!!!!!!

=====[begin angel section]=====
Maaaaan, I can't wait 'til tonight! Oh m'dear fluffy Andrew, I knew you would return! Not to mention, crazy-Slayer-girl gives new romance pairings! As long as she doesn't die. She can kill people without it affecting her love life, as sexy-bunny!Faith has taught us. And anyway, who hasn't killed Spike yet?

I wish Andrew was on full-time. Except not, because that doesn't mesh. I dunno, they oughta make a new show, with Wes, Lindsey, and Andrew as the main characters. And maybe Xander, Dawn, and Amy as recurring roles. That would be awesome, I'd be all, 'Nope, don't need to watch Angel ever again!'


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