Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

GG is Golden Girls, natch.

theformerclarity (10:52:53 PM): I just love how cracktastic GG is.
theformerclarity (10:53:07 PM): It was the 80s. The writers could have easily been on crack.
biscuiteatingSOB (10:53:17 PM): ...it's true, it really really is.
biscuiteatingSOB (10:53:22 PM): We should form an investigative panel!
theformerclarity (10:54:07 PM): Yes! And when it's revealed, after painstaking trials and research, that the writers were indeed on crack, we stand up, remove our glasses and go, "'kay. Is there wireless here?"
biscuiteatingSOB (10:54:43 PM): ....god, I hope we never are on any important panel for anything.
biscuiteatingSOB (10:54:47 PM): Or elected to public office.
biscuiteatingSOB (10:55:11 PM): Altho CSPAN would be far more amusing - they ban electronics and shit there, so we'd be, like, playing ping-pong.
biscuiteatingSOB (10:55:14 PM): Or sleeping.
theformerclarity (10:55:44 PM): Or I'd be smoking, and you'd be singing under your breath, "Firetruck, firetruck, I wanna ride in a firetruck"
biscuiteatingSOB (10:56:04 PM): ...god, yes.
theformerclarity (10:57:58 PM): They'd be like, "There's no smoking...or creepiness...allowed in Congress!" And I'd point to Mitt Romney. "Okay, true. Fine, carry on."
Tags: chats, julio

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