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Five by five and yet so wrong...

"Salvage" was disturbing. Seriously. Disturbing. SERIOUSLY DISTURBING!

Here's what happened:
After the end of the episode, I sat in my recliner for about 10 minutes, completely silent. Then, I set my new graphing calculator on the table next to me, fell on the ground, grabbed my head, and rolled on the floor screaming "THAT'S SO WRONG!!! SO WRONG!!!! SO WRONG!!!!" over and over again.

And BTW, what's up with Wesley? I love the "prison escaping" scene.
*Faith and Wesley jump out the window, land on car, and roll off*
Faith: You okay?
Wesley: *slight smirk* Five by five.

Dear lord.

And ya know, I just realized how big of a dork I am. Have you read my posts? Jeez...

I hope the Buffy Dialogue Database puts "Salvage" on there. I mean, they put the other Faithisodes in there, like Five by Five and Sanctuary.

But really. Who saw preggie Cordy coming? *raises hand* And have you noticed something? Angel- sleeps with Darla once, Darla gets pregnant. Connor- sleeps with Cordy once, gets Cordy pregnant.

Not to mention the whole "Cordy is the Big Bad" thing. Is she being possessed? Is she not the real Cordy? Is the real Cordy still in the PTB place? Who knows? I've got more questions for this then I did way back when, with the whole Scott - evil or not? thing right after Black Cauldron Pt 1 in X-men Evo.

Oh! That reminds me! I got the official X2 (the second X-men movie) novelization. Dude!

So wrong...

Oh, have you noticed, that from a distant of 3 ft, the "Quality Pledge" on the side of Hot Bites Blasts box looks like "Guilty Pledge"?

Okay, I'm going now.

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