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"You're Welcome", for pissing me off and making me cry.

SPOILERS!!!! For "You're Welcome", 5.12

Otakulee (8:18:05 PM): Oh dear lord. Spike attacking the TV because he lost the video game...
Otakulee (8:24:15 PM): "No one remembers him. Except you, and me. And, for some reason, Eve." Man, Angel looks hilarious when he said that.
Otakulee (8:24:38 PM): Aw, I love the Angel/Cordyness
Otakulee (8:25:23 PM): "And that's the guy I fell in lo-- Uh, the guy I knew."
Otakulee (8:26:28 PM): ...why are Lindsey and Eve outside?
Otakulee (8:28:04 PM): "'Kickin' it old school', as they say. And I never will again."
Otakulee (8:28:16 PM): Wes rules.
Otakulee (8:28:32 PM): Poor Wes. He misses Lilah.
Otakulee (8:29:38 PM): Myself, about Lindsey's garage suit thing: "Love the grunge look, Linds."
Otakulee (8:30:41 PM): lol
Otakulee (8:31:03 PM): So long as there's no more Wes/Fred, I don't care!
Otakulee (8:31:14 PM): I say, screw Fred, let Wes and Knox get together!
Otakulee (8:32:39 PM): Why not?
Otakulee (8:33:32 PM): Tell me whyyyyyyyyy?
Otakulee (8:36:54 PM): LILAH JUNIOR!!!!!
Otakulee (8:40:50 PM): Man, Cordy is cool
Otakulee (8:41:17 PM): *snort* "Zombies. Ah, swell."
Otakulee (8:43:54 PM): Lindsey: "Is this the part where I'm supposed to go weak in the knees, say I'll never do it again? Redemption?"
Angel: "You had your chance. Some people never change." *attacks Lindsey*
Lindsey: *punches Angel, Angel flies across the room* "I did." *evil grin*
Otakulee (8:46:32 PM): Switchbladeness!
Otakulee (8:46:40 PM): Ooooh...
Otakulee (8:47:22 PM): Ooooooh...
Otakulee (8:47:35 PM): Lindsey is bad-arse.

Damn, Lindsey is hot. And deranged. But hot.
...nice belt buckle.
"Coulda been worse. Coulda been made out of wood, you dumbass!"
"Cuz you know what? I'm Angel. I beat the bad guys."


Nice parting words, though.

"Think they're angry?" Oh come on. This can't be the last appearence of the Precious. He always disappears, and always returns. DAMNIT! HE HAD EFFING BETTER RETURN, OR A CERTAIN WRITER/DIRECTOR IS GETTING HIS ARSE KICKED!

Aw. Poor Eve.

*snort* "I bleed from the neck, he gets the props." Lorne...

"All I did was beat up a tiny Texan..." Angel! Bad!

Aw... I actually feel sorry for Angel, with the Cordy leaveage. Damn it! He hurt the precious (not saying killed, not saying killed, not saying killed...)!


About the preview of "Why We Fight": WTF x2!!! Spike with A, black hair, and B, as a Nazi? Okay, evil. I get it. But STILL!

Hey, Joss, let's 'never keep in touch'.

"You're welcome."


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