Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Why do _I_ fight this inanity?

Why does Spinelli look so damn familiar?

Clangity clang.

"I seem to recall lots and lots of Jenga."

It's Aaaaaangel...

Lawson is effing hot, yo. Why are all the hot ones evil?

Heh, Fritz. Heh, Spinelli. Funny names.

Man, WTF is with that code? Hee, manacles. "Steve Rogers IS Captain America, you 8-ball."

How the eff will they know it's him? Wow, stupidity, yo.


Commercial. Starsky & Hutch? Eh, I can't wait until the Brothers Grim comes out. Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as the title characters, yo. Only thing better: Matt Damon and Ben Stiller. Pause while I drool, please. Nice music in the Degree commercial. I think Charmed is running out of ideas... I Dream of Phoebe? WTF?!

Angel: "Spike. You're a Nazi?"
Spike: "Huh? Oh, no, I just ate one."

Spike: "You were caught at a free virgin blood party."

Wow, Nostroyev "I was Rasputin's lover!" is messed up. As is the Prince of Lies. They're both morons, too.

Spike: "Forward, back, up, down-" *sirens sound*

"Oh, yeah, should've told you, he likes pretending he's the boss."

"I know you've made a name for yourself, bossing around weaker vampires-"
"Hey, wait a minute."

"We DON'T kill the humans until we reach land. Any arguements?"
"...Heil Hitler."

Lawson is really cute. I'm sorry, but he is. And in a little-kidish way.

Aw, poor Lawson. Poor dead people, too, I guess.

"Spike's not in the SS, he just likes wearing the jacket."

"Isn't that the point? Following orders?"
"There's a difference between orders and purpose."

"I can even handle dying, if it's for a higher purpose." Wow, forshadow much, yo? Not like we didn't know from the 'looking-the-same-after-sixty-years' thingie. Wait. Why the hell does he care? Vampires don't generally give a damn. And how does that table break directly into a stake?

"What did you do?" Ruh-oh, Ralph! Not my Wessy! I told you Joss, I told you I'd kill you if you EFFING TOUCHED MY WESSY! That's it. You're dying. Now. If not sooner. Lock and load, baby. *charges gun*

Oh, hell, I'll wait 'til after the episode. *sits back down, tosses gun aside*

Commercial. Can I kill the commercial people? PLEASE? Oh well, I'll read that Slayers fic I've got open right now.

Back on. *snort* "Something might get knocked over." WESSY! BACK OFF MY WESSY! DAAAAAAMN YOU! And I actually liked that evil S.O.B.

"In about... never." Spike is such a teenager. I swear. Angel is dad, I swear. And Angel's picking up the captain lingo.

...Prince of Lies. *SNORT* He's effing insane. Heh, Fritz. Dead Fritz. *cheer* Hah, no more Prince of Lies! Knocked out Fritz! EXPLODE!!!! EXPLOOOOODE!

"Yeah, I take it back. Didn't help."

""Anybody read Nazi?"

God, Fritz looks like Wessy.

"He says you're an idiot."

"I'll menace, you'll talk."

GAH! The Intiative's intial research!

"Am I the only who doesn't speak Kreut?" Or something. God, I wish I knew WWII slang.

"Yeah, let me know how that works out for you, Popeye."

...Spike shouldn't sing patriotic songs. He just... shouldn't. *SNORT*

Or, y'know, NOT BLANKS.


"We're on it!"
"We?! Whaddya mean we?!?!" Ah, Spikey.

"'Ey, where's Fritz?"

"Where the hell's the screwdriver?"

NO! LAWSON! Whyyy? DAAAAMN YOU FRITZ! Goddamn Nazis.

Gah, there goes Angel with the Lawson-turning. Sigh.

Commercial. Back to fic-dom.

Back on. Something's haaaaaappeniiiiing...

Let's hope it's a good something.

"Thanks. Chief."

Wow, I thought that... Okay, no, wait, he IS throwing Lawson out. But Lawson is, y'know, going, so not TOO bad.

"You're still a dick." Spike! Baaad language, boyo. Baaaad. *snort* "Bollocks."

"Killing them won't change the past."
"But it'll hurt you."

"Everybody needs a reason to live. Even if you're already dead."


"You're the only one I did this to. *pause* After I got a soul."
"Do I have soul?"
"Don't think it works that way. Son."

Poor Lawson. Gotta feel sorry for the blok-- guy.

"Do you really want it to end like this?"
"Sounds like a plan."

No, LAWSON! *tears, sobs*

Oh well. Wessy's still there.

"Really oughta do something about security."

"Know revenge is best served cold and all, but his must've been frozen solid."
"I don't think revenge was his purpose here."
"No? Then what was he looking for?"
*pause* "A reason."

And that's why we fight.

Commercial. Angel Season 3 ad. (I'll get you! And your little... SON TOO! AHAHAHAHA! *cough*)

"You're a little puppet man!"

That basically sums it up.

Oh, and Nina will be back too. That's all I know.

Eh, whatev. The fic I'm reading is at http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=492721. It's a nice, funny, Slayers fic. With nice Zel and Xel action. Not together action. 'Least, not by chapter two. *cough*

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