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The end of tonight's LOCI

Holy freakin' crap!

There's these pills, and four are missing, right, four being a more than lethal dose? So Goren has the perp searched, and they're found in his pocket, so they manage to convince the lady he's suicidal, and was planning to kill them both. So then, everyone leaves the interrogation room except Goren, Eames, and Carver.

Goren: *pops one of the pills into his mouth, gives Carver an innocent look* Vitamin C.
Carver: You know Detective, I watched you very closely, but I didn't see you slip those into his pocket.
Eames: *smirks, walks past Carver* Well maybe you were watching the wrong detective.

GIRL POWER, YO! *grin* That comment, and the promise of a kick-ass She Spies tonight renews my faith in woman-kind.

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