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"Dude, don't be a geek."

Whoops, too late.

I was looking at summer camps (found this nifty little search engine, too) and found one that's in England, only 200$ a week, and I told my mum that. She rolled her eyes at me. "Plus a thousand dollars air fare." I pause. "Oh. Right." She laughs. "So, until you become Samantha..."

I'm confused. "Samantha who?"
She gives me a look. "Y'know..." She does the little nod/wink/whatever thing from Bewitched.
Me: "Ooooh... I thought you meant like Samantha as in Mulder's sister. Or from Days of Our Lives."
She gives me another weird look. I huff "Shuddup. I'm going back to my computer."

Where I'm reading the TWoP recap of Angel. Man, keep this up, I might as well be an honorary Evil Nerd Troika member. *shakes head woefully*

Ah well. Back to the recap until Tom signs on again. He had to go deliver his sister's guitar to Jenn. Poor boyo, too nice for his own good sometimes.

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