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FIC: Abyss Gazing (Grimm/SPN), PG

Drabble, takes place after the pilot (Grimm) and during "Meet the New Boss" (Supernatural). Pretty sure it's the first one of its kind.

Abyss Gazing

"Freeze!" he shouted, gun out and aimed steadily at the figure crouched over a newly dead body. "Hands where I can see them!" His own hands didn't shake; this, at least, was something they trained you for at the academy, unlike the rest of the circus that had become his life.

Instead of listening, the man straightened and turned towards Nick (who was still hoping for a peaceful surrender - there were only so many times you could shoot a suspect before the department fired you for being a PR disaster).

"You have no business here, Nick Burkhardt," he was informed calmly. "The work of God has been done; rejoice." For an instant, Nick's eyes strayed from his visual weapon search and stared into the ice-blue eyes pinning him. The features surrounding the eyes twisted in Nick's vision, rapidly switching from a blinding light to a horrific tooth-filled maw of inky darkness, and back and forth and back and forth. It was far more terrifying than the blutbad (either of them) had been, or whatever it was that had tried to kill Aunt Marie at the hospital.

And the the eyes, and all that came with them, disappeared. Nick was left with a body, a slowly expanding pool of blood, and no idea what to tell Hank.
Tags: fanfiction, grimm, supernatural

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