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When will I learn...

When will I learn? WHEN?! I went to www.spoilerslayer.com, and found out Linds is returning. Well, at least my icon won't go to waste, eh folks? But still, I wish I hadn't done that... Same way I ruined the end of Chosen.

At least now I can quit moaning on and on about how lame Lindsey and Eve's plan was. Because it wasn't aaaaall their plan, I tell you! Hey, maybe the portal wasn't the senior partners... Or maybe "Lindsey" wasn't actually Lindsey! Or maybe he was working against EVE! (which would explain his hissy fit over the senior partners giving Angel what he had worked for.)

Intresting tidbit: It seems they're casting for a "happy middle-aged housewife and her well-adjusted suburban 10-year-old son". Ignoring the irony of 'well-adjusted' and 'suburban', it's also been mentioned that they're Lindsey's wife and stepson. Oookay... So Eve was what, his mistress? Hence, I think someone was borrowing Lindsey's image! That would be cool. Because that would mean Joss didn't completely screw up Lindsey's character and plot lines (something he hasn't shown a history of in the past). Although, who knows, with the way he did "Why We Fight" with Lawson and all. Oh, whatever.

I need to quit reading spoilers, damn it.

I can be so stupid sometimes...

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