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C'mon everyone, SMILE!

Before the ep:
Otakulee: Shoosh. I don't want to know ANYTHING, dang it! I've already spoiled myself for the 17th episode, y'know, so don't tell me anything!
cass apal ooza: :-P
cass apal ooza: are you a Wes/Fred shipper?
cass apal ooza: I like them
Otakulee: NO! A world of no!
cass apal ooza: :-)
cass apal ooza: and why not?
Otakulee: I was a Wes/Faith shipper. Now I'm not. So I'm like, hey, Lilah/Wes. No, wait, dead. So I was like, hey, Eve/Wes. Noooo.... So now I'm like, screw Fred! Let's get us some sweet Wes/Knox luvin, yo!
cass apal ooza: o.O
cass apal ooza: Just because it's normal doesn't mean it's bad, dear Lee. :-D
Otakulee: No, it's just, Fred/Wes? Can you say boring? I mean, they'd sit there and be sappy and geeky with no spark in their relationship. And Fred tends to annoy me when she's around the AI crew. I like her independent, in the lab, or whatever, but when she's around the rest of the main cast she gets all demon-slavey-crazy-taco-luvin-girl without the amusing factor.
cass apal ooza: haha
Otakulee: I mean, no problems with her when she's independent, but her meekness around the MoG annoys me. And I've been reading to much TWoP.
Otakulee: too*
cass apal ooza: it's all about the fanfiction
Otakulee: What, my view of Fred?

Wow, creepness of the puppet show.

Hee, Knox. Geeeeeek much? Aw, cutey. With the valentine and all.
Yay, weregal! Hee, Harmony... She's really amusing. And she better not be wanting afta Gunn, yo. She go with Wes, yo.

Heh, Nina.

"What are you doing for breakfast tomorrow?"
"Oh, uh, drinking blood."

"She asked me to breakfast."
"And what did you do?"
"I changed the subject and locked her up in a cage."

Why is Wes connected to the "ladies" gossip circle? No, don't wanna know... Wow, okay, Wes is ranting again. Hee. Angel's funny. He's like a little teen boy, and Wes is his older brother. That's really amusing.

Down with the Wes/Fred!

"...who're we talking about here?"
*glances behind Angel* "Fred."
"Hey, I've got a case."

HAH! GO WES! He's shoving Fred away! WHOO!

Go Lorne! Lorne's being useful, Lorne's being useful! *does happy dance*

Baaad Angel. No cookie!

Damn the grainyness of my TVs in here! I can't make out anything that's in the dark on either! Goddamn it! And, for that matter, Joss for making his shows so dark!

Dark an' creepy, dark an' creepy, ladida, ladida. Get the point already, yo.

Mebbe I should take a nap...

Wait, what the... Who the? Hm? It's looks like DB, a bit. From what I've seen of him shirt-less.



And we're back. Okay, it's Practical Science.

Heh. "FRED! Believe me, it's mystical!"


"Angel you're....... cute!"
"Fred, don't."
"But those little hands... And the hair..."
"You're fired!"


*SNORT* "AH! Stupid plastic piece of crap!"

Tracy, there's another name for Practical Science. And we've got Danny and Preston for Entertainment. And no one for Wes' department. Whatev.

Oh dear lord. "This is war!" Hee!

Poor Angel. Hee! Nina walks in, he dives behind the chair. That's great. Poor ickle Angely puppet boy.

"Is there a reason why you won't look at me?"
"Because I'm under my desk."

"Spike! Just turn around a walk away."

*SNORT* "They're looking at the wee little puppet man!" *Angel bites Spike*

"Yes. I'm a puppet. Doesn't mean you don't have work to do."

"You heard the puppet."

Gods, I love this episode.

"Mr. Framkin, we've been tracking an epidemic that turns-"
"I could have cocoa brought in. With little marshmallows."
"Ooh, that does sound good..."

"Set forth in chapter 15 of the... the children's TV thing! You turned my boss into a puppet!" God, Gunn is cool. I love non supersmart Gunn. He's violent and hot and amusing as a thug, gosh darn it! They should've kept Gunn as a thug, and brought in Lindsey to handle the lawyer crap, dang it! And are we ever going to learn about anyone 'cept Sirk from Manuscripts?

Wow, human-puppet. Creepy much?

And we're back. God, Framkin is freaky.

"What do you mean it wasn't us?" Hee.

"Might as well walk into a nuclear reactor and lick it!"


"We steal babies lives!"
"But uphold a certain standard while providing quality edutainment!"


Great, undress-o girl. "I was turned into a puppet last night."

"And my nose comes off." *snort*

"What do you care about what people think, anyway? Angel, you're this... You're an actual hero. And, this might sound kinda cliche coming from an art school chick, but... the vampire thing's kinda sexy." WHOO!

Pah, sappy Angel. YAY! CHEW TOY ANGEL! "No Nina! Bad Nina!"

"Nina... tried to... eat me..."
"DOCTOR! DOCTOR! Is there a Jeppeto in the house?"

God, I love Lorne.

"Acute 'Flowers for Algernon' syndrome." *snort*

Man, this doctor dude pisses the hell of me. Aaah... So GUNN'S the one who is directly responsable for Fred's little death problem.

"Horatio Hornblower aaaaaand... Rufus!" ...WTF?

"It could be the lack of sleep talking, but I'm beginning to like this show..." Oh Wes. I love thee so.

"What's WITH you two? We've ran it through every filter we have."

"I love this one."

Hee. Aw, poor Knox... Gawd, I hate Fred/Wes. Gimme some sweet Knox/Wes LUVIN!

"I think he's been working here for too long..."

Oh, Wes, luva, you moron. "It's not some much looking for as looking at-"

Poor Angel. "Stupid fingers! Stupid string!"


Fred and Wes explain. Whoo! Tag-teamy.

"...and reverse your puppet problem."
*Angel flies forward and hugs Fred* "I love you guys!"

"You've seen the last few seasons of Happy Days?"


Commercial break
"They’re not bagpipes," Andrew said starting to explain. "It’s a mystical summoning device that…" Andrew trailed off seeing the aggravated look on Faith’s face. "will continue to stay in my duffle bag." I love this fic.
End commercials.

No! ...I think that's Nina's niece! This is baaaaad...

PUPPET FIGHT YO! Aw, poor Doggy-puppet.


"Latinlatinlatinlatin- don't look at it Fred! Latinlatinlatinlatin-"

...Dude. She shot the puppet.

"I'm gonna tear you a new puppet-hole, bitch!" WTF?



Hey, Nina again! Let's go Nina/Angel shippy!

"Oh my god. I ate him!"

WHOO! He's gonna be a puppet for a few more days? AIGHT!

*SNORT* "What do puppets eat?"

NO! DOWN WITH THE BADNESS! NO FRED/WES, GODDAMN YOU! Unless she's going to be like she was back at the beginning on Lineage. That was cool. AIGHT! I like Fred/Wes now!

"Didn't it occur to you that... I've changed? That... I'm looking at you in a new light? That I'm... Ah, screw it!" *snogs Wes*
"That was you signal. Was it clear enough for you?"
*Wes begins to smirk/grin* "No, I don't think it was..." *snoggage*

Next, on Angel: God. Damn. Joss. Effing. Whedon. He's just TRYING to keep Wes in a permenent state of depression, I swear. *curses*

Is it wrong to love this show so much and hate it at the same time?
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