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There's "A Hole in the World" in the Bottom of the Sea, There's a Hole, There's a Hole...

Note: Evaluation of the last bit will probably not be up 'til tomorrow. And this is gonna be scarcer than usual. Time effing restraint. Also, AIM format.

Otakulee: Oh, I love the Angel-Spike dynamic. "If cavemen and astronauts got into a fight, who would win?"
Otakulee: "..and if possible, in outer Mongolia."
cass apal ooza: hehehehe
cass apal ooza: pack some tissues
cass apal ooza: I was an emotional wreck, just so you know
Otakulee: I will. Don't worry.
Otakulee: Oh, Wes is so cute
Otakulee: "Oh, sheesh, get a balcony, you two."
cass apal ooza: oh noooo
Otakulee: AH!
Otakulee: What happened to Fred!?
cass apal ooza: *knew it was coming*
cass apal ooza: commercial break
Otakulee: Yup.
Otakulee: Hey, wanna help me kill Joss as slowly and painfully as possible?
cass apal ooza: yes!
cass apal ooza: I was plotting his murder a long time ago
Otakulee: Me too! Ever since he killed Jono, actually.
cass apal ooza: yeah, then when he offed Cordy, that was the straw that broke the camel's smegging back
Otakulee: I know! Jonathan, Molly, Anya, Amanda, Cordy... Sigh. At least Linds ain't dead.
cass apal ooza: yet :-(
cass apal ooza: you can never tell with stupid Joss
Otakulee: Hmph.
Otakulee: Knoooox. Hooooot.
Otakulee: http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/0402/24/angel.htm
Otakulee: Whoooooa.
Otakulee: "Hah. 'Get crackin', he's such an old fogey.
cass apal ooza: hehehehe
Otakulee: "Wes and Fred?"
"You didn't know?"
"I didn't know."
cass apal ooza: :-)
cass apal ooza: Spike kicks butt in this episode
Otakulee: Oh man, Spike's such a geek! And I'm sorry, I'm being distracted by the hotness that is Knox in this scene.
cass apal ooza: psh
cass apal ooza: the scene where they fight about cavemen and astronauts
Otakulee: Oh, that rocked.
cass apal ooza: is like, Spike at his finest...for Angel, anyway
cass apal ooza: hehe
cass apal ooza: then he's all
cass apal ooza: bring me anyone who isn't working on her case
cass apal ooza: or something
Otakulee: Yeah! And then, "Well whaddya know, it is just me." Oh, Gunn's hot.
cass apal ooza: hehe
Otakulee: "Oh YEAH, they are not here for your convienience." That was hilarious. The look on Conduit-Gunn's face...
Otakulee: Whoa, Eve's kinda weird...
Otakulee: "Oh, that was a knuckle-buster."
Otakulee: ...Lorne's kinda scary...
Otakulee: I love it!
cass apal ooza: heh
cass apal ooza: If I had a future like yours, I'd make like [someone] and die.
cass apal ooza: or something?
cass apal ooza: haha
cass apal ooza: *bad memory*
Otakulee: Carmen Miranda.
Otakulee: Heh.
cass apal ooza: riiight
Otakulee: That was so sweet... She sang LA, the song Lindsey sang...
cass apal ooza: woah
cass apal ooza: totally missed that
Otakulee: And she's helping them! People better like her after this... She looked so innocent and sweet and sad...
Otakulee: "You can be there in four." *everyone looks at him* "We have really good jets."
cass apal ooza: mwahahaha
cass apal ooza: I love that part
Otakulee: "Time is not on our side."
"Nobody is on our side."
cass apal ooza: and then later on, when Spike says "Eh?"...
cass apal ooza: mwahahaha
Otakulee: "C'mon. Let's save the day."
cass apal ooza: though, you won't see it for an el whileo
Otakulee: Heh, funny Willy Wonka commercial.
cass apal ooza: haha
Otakulee: Poor Fred. I hate Joss.
Otakulee: Hee, Spike and his lighter. And him and Angel being all afraid on the plane.
Otakulee: ...*snort* Les Miz. That's great, right there. Aw, poor Angel. "I lost Cordy."
cass apal ooza: *nods*
cass apal ooza: sniff
Otakulee: "No, I'm not talking about a lawsuit. I'm talking about bones that go crunch." I love thug-Gunn. He's hot.
Otakulee: Poor Fred. Poor Wes, too.
cass apal ooza: what's happening now?
Otakulee: Oh, she's crying.
cass apal ooza: again?
Otakulee: And Wes is looking daym hot in that sweater.
cass apal ooza: oh man
cass apal ooza: that sweater
cass apal ooza: is so farking hot
Otakulee: "You always liked splochy girls."
"It's my curse."
Otakulee: Oh yes, it so is.
Otakulee: ...Wes has a weird reading taste.
Otakulee: "When is a door not a door? When it's not sodding there."
cass apal ooza: hehehehe
Otakulee: "Think that's the entrance of the Well?"
"Either that or Christmasland. *off of Angel's look* Don't you ever have any fun?"

"Just hold my hand." *SNORT*
cass apal ooza: mwahahaha
cass apal ooza: and then
cass apal ooza: the
cass apal ooza: um... "I didn't think you remembered."
cass apal ooza: or something
Otakulee: Oops. "I practically worship it." HAH! Knox is hot.
Otakulee: And Spike kicks arse.
Otakulee: Oooh, that guy's hot.
cass apal ooza: hahaha
Otakulee: "If you ever ask me a question, I will kill you out right."

"Seriously. He doesn't like questions."
cass apal ooza: Knox: "Oops."
Otakulee: And he grins.
Otakulee: Wow, he's a fanatic. Hee.
cass apal ooza: haha
Otakulee: "Oh, I wasn't being clear. I didn't mean that Angel was going to fail to save her. I meant that he's not going to try."

cass apal ooza: oh man
cass apal ooza: that sent shivers down my spine
Otakulee: Y'know, Fred-killing religous fanatic stuff aside, Knox so rox.
cass apal ooza: *nods*
Otakulee: All the hot ones are evil.
Otakulee: Or where.
Otakulee: were*
Otakulee: Or will be.
cass apal ooza: *sigh*
Otakulee: It's a law of the galaxy.
Otakulee: Like... I'd say gravity, but you've seen You're Welcome.
Otakulee: Ooh. Wes is damn drool-worthy. If Joss wanted us to pay attention to these scenes, they shouldn't put Wes in that sweater.
cass apal ooza: ^_^
cass apal ooza: it's a tactic
cass apal ooza: due
cass apal ooza: ...or duh
cass apal ooza: you know
cass apal ooza: either one
Otakulee: "Also a statement."
cass apal ooza: :-)
Otakulee: ..enough coffins?
cass apal ooza: :-)
Otakulee: "All the way. All the way through the Earth."
cass apal ooza: oh man
cass apal ooza: and then Spike says later, "There's a whole in the world," and it's so sad
Otakulee: ...hole, not whole.
Otakulee: Dang, but Knox is really fanatical. Oops, got hit by Gunn. And, me thinks, killed. Damn Gunn.
cass apal ooza: I said whole
cass apal ooza: oh my god
Otakulee: Gunns don't kill people, people kill- no, wait, Gunns do kill people.
cass apal ooza: >.< *is stunned*
Otakulee: Hee! Spike referenced Monty Python!
cass apal ooza: *dies*
cass apal ooza: When was this?
cass apal ooza: WHY did I take a bathroom break?
cass apal ooza: I bet that's when he said it...
Otakulee: When he blows up at the no-question-dude. "And what's your name? And what's your favourite colour?"
cass apal ooza: :-)
cass apal ooza: OOOOOH
cass apal ooza: *dies*
Otakulee: It was great, Spike rocks at tirades.
cass apal ooza: I must be REALLY out of it...
cass apal ooza: I loved his cavemen tirade
cass apal ooza: and then
cass apal ooza: there's that pause
cass apal ooza: "Who would win in a fight, cavemen or astronauts?" or whatever
cass apal ooza: teehee
cass apal ooza: and then Wes is like
cass apal ooza: "Do the astronauts have weapons?"
cass apal ooza: "No."
Otakulee: I know! They're all a bunch of geeks!
Otakulee: And then later, Lorne and Fred discussing it.
cass apal ooza: yeah
cass apal ooza: haha
cass apal ooza: "But the cavemen have fire!"
Otakulee: Yeah!
Otakulee: Gah, Spike should not be philosophical. It's scary.
cass apal ooza: has Fred said, "The cavemen win. Of course the cavemen win."
cass apal ooza: which philosophical part?
Otakulee: Hee, yes
Otakulee: The 'hole in the world' thing.

Man, who wants to join me and Cassie in killing Joss?

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